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Testing the Best Calypso Show 2013
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2013-06-01 Time
Saturday, June 1, 2013 9:00 pm
Harlem Plaza

Testing the Best Calypso Show 2013

Testing the Best Calypso Show
June 1st 2013, 9:00 pm
Harlem Plaza
PPV: $10 USD
ComeSeeTv Live - Channel 2

Here is the Programme/LineUp:

National Anthem ---------> Swingin’ Stars

Prayer -----------------------> Randolph Felix

Introduction ----------------> MC - Young Bull

Rendition -------------------> Swingin’  Stars

Guests Artists

Chris “B” --------------------> Violence

Luguz ------------------------> I can’t eat Concrete

Daddy Miller ----------------> Illegal Calypso King

Hunter -----------------------> Another Younster

Shadow Flo ----------------> I come for de rum and de party


Immortal Calypsos Segment:

Observer ----------------> Rise  (Tronada)

Sye -----------------------> Symbot  (Solo) / Mas in de Cemetery  (Solo)

Spencer -----------------> Medley

Tasha P -----------------> Medley



Soul Puss ----------------> Blanc Blallen

De Rose ------------------> Not a Dictator

Checker -------------------> Legacy

Webb -----------------------> Legacy

Electra ---------------------> Asking

Black Diamond ----------> Woman’s Worth

Ras Kelly ------------------> Madness

Daddy Chess ------------> Papa it’s You

Ghetto Prince ------------> Gentle Rest

Karessah -----------------> Stock Farm Blues

People’s  Choice WinnersMC & Rep of ME/EE

(Best Overall Performer & Best in each Pair)


Grand Finale -------------> Swingin’ Stars

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